Cloud Normalization

I’ve recently started using Amazon Web Services, had already been using Microsoft Azure, and have dabbled with Google’s cloud services. Between them there’s a lot of new terminology many of which has not yet been standardized. This is going to be an ongoing post basically to normalize the naming between all three.

Generic Name Azure Amazon Google
Server Virtual Machine EC2 Compute Engine
Container Hosting Azure Container Service EC2 Containers Container Engine
Short Lived Containers Azure Functions Lambdas Cloud Functions
File Storage Blob/File Storage S3 Cloud Storage
Archival Storage Cold Storage Glacier Nearline Storage
Content Delivery Azure CDN Cloud Front Cloud CDN
NoSQL App Storage DocumentDB DynamoDB Cloud Datastore
Managed SQL Server SQL Database RDS Cloud SQL
In Memory Data Cache Redis Cache ElastiCache Redis Cloud (Partner)
Data Analytics Data Warehouse Redshift BigTable
Massive Data Analytics Data Lake EMR BigQuery
DNS Azure DNS Route 53 Cloud DNS

Note: This is an overview based on my experiences and therefore is a rough approximation based on how you would use the service, not how it functions technically.