AutoKey, GO!

AutoKey is a text expansion/replacement utility for Linux. In addition to text expansion capabilities it’s also able to be triggered by hotkeys and create custom prompts for inputs.

This script is a simple one I bind to Alt+Space which winds up functioning kinda like Spotlight from OSX but more programmable.


  • Quick browser access to bookmarks
  • Opening of Jira tickets
  • Search for things faster
import re
import urllib
import webbrowser

retCode, command = dialog.input_dialog(title='Go',
                                       message='Where to?',

bookmarks = {
    "gh": "",
    "js": "",
    "groupmephp": "",

if'\\w{2,3}-\\d{1,4}', command):"" + command)
elif command in bookmarks:
elif'^google/.+$', command):
    query = re.match('^google/(.+)$', command).group(1)'' + urllib.parse.quote(command))
elif len(command) > 0:'' + urllib.parse.quote(command))

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